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Hello, Autoclub! :D

Whoa! I finished watching the dub of GX episode 4, then watched dub Naruto episode 6 and dub FMA episode 30, I'm on a ROLL! BELIEVE IT!!! >DDD
Okay, moving on...

Dub!Tome seems to think Jaden is in the "Auto Club" and fixes cars Oo; Yeeeeaaahhh...
...plenty of lines I could take out of context though :D :D That was about the best thing about the episode~!
Take note! Red is harder to stain than Yellow! >D
They still make Hayato evil...and he was super evil in this episode...they made it seem that he was purposly trying to keep Jaden from his exams, then at the end he told Sy to do something "Constructive" and make him some grilled cheese Oo;

All that is covered in my ramble but still working on editing it~!
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