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Chirrrriiiiiinnnnnn!!! ;____;

Wow! I think I'm gonna love next weeks Pokémon episode, James might have been over-reacting but the emotion in it ran quite high. Seems like his Chimecho is sick and he's all shouting, screaming, sounding worried, crying and at the end of the preview he's all like "CHIRIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!! ;___________________;"
Episodes like that always get to me, I still get teary eyed over the episode with Max and the sick Ralts, especially the scene where he tried to feed it berries and it wouldn't take them, he gets so upset over it and starts apologizing before crying out loud poor thing ;__;
So yes I think I'll enjoy this next episode a lot :D Plus it's james which makes it even better seeing as he's my fav out of Team Rocket~!

As for this weeks, Wobbuffet fell in love with a Kirlia XD

Think I might go and make icons *___* I'm in an icon making mood~!
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