PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

PDU vanished....again....

Hummm...anyone wondering where PDU is, I somehow went over my bandwidth limit for this month so it won't be back up until the 15th of April but since I was getting the new server on the 10th anyway it doesn't matter.... in fact I might aswell buy the new server now and get it over with...
...I'm kinda worried the forum and Oekaki board won't work on it though cos it doesn't have My SQL or whatever it's called but something "Similar" to it...as my brother put it ^^;
Ah well it DOES come with a 14 day free trial so....we'll see...

What a time for my bandwidth to do that O_o; I have to defiantly get the bigger pakage on the new server now cos the smaller one only has 4GB of badwidth and lycos has 5GB so...yeah....
....with the bigger package I get 10GB so I should have no problem with that....
...plus more space than I know what to do with, ah well :p
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