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Jodie needs...?

Go to google, search for "[your name] needs," using the quotes and see what comes up.

Jodie needs to sort out her nose
Jodie needs a patient and committed family who can love her unconditionally
Jodie needs to speak to someone she trusts
Jodie needs to do asignificance test
Jodie needs help to care for her mum
Jodie needs to make a statement of faith to the court
Jodie needs a second cochlear implant
Jodie needs to have an adult hand to damp down her excess movements
Jodie needs a gun to protect herself
Jodie needs to get a few things out
Jodie needs your vote
Jodie needs help
Jodie needs the care of experienced dog people with no children
Jodie needs to look in the mirror
Jodie needs a lot of support
Jodie needs to be more civil

Well...those results are intresting XD;;
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