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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 3 [Dubbed] - HI EVERYONE!!!! :DDDD

YAY! I finished my little ramble on episode 3 of Dub GX :o This time you either have the choice to read it on my site or under the LJ-cut ;D


So it opens up with Alexis listing off all the cards that are used in the game while in class. Anyway after she's finished and Crowler praises her he chooses Syrus for the next question and asks him to explain the class what a "Field spell is" Poor Syrus "Hummms" and "Ahhhs" and is like "It's the thing that effects the thing..."
With that some Obelisk Blue student shouts that even a pre dueler would know the answer to it and the class laughs, poor Syrus knows, he just can't get it out. Crowler tells him to sit down and asks for someone else to give him the answer "preferably someone not wearing red" thus the class laughs again (*Well really it's just the Obelisk Blue students :o*)

Poor Syrus, he's all like "I made all the Silfers look bad" But Jaden happily tells the "teach" that he shouldn't really make fun of Slifers like that after all he's a slifer and he beat him. So therefore Jaden comes to the conclusion that when he makes fun of the slifer's, he's making fun of himself too :o Giving a "V" sign to the rest of the class Chronos just bites on his handkerchief.

(*EDIT NOTE: There was a small pan of Asuka right after this scene in the original of her watching Juudai pretty closely with great attention, not in the dub though :o Also the second shot of Crowler biting his handkerchief was added in by the dub, replacing it*)

WTF? Limon Banner? XD Where do 4kids get these bizarre names from? XDD Anyway he goes onto say that he specializes in some of the more lesser known tactics and strategies in the world of duel monsters, some that a few would consider...un-natural...XD
Then he says: "Duel Alchemy, for example"
I am very surprised and very very HAPPY that they kept what Banner/Daitokuji taught as "Alchemy" I was convinced 4Kids would change it to...I dunno...him being their science teacher or something which technically he is >>; I wasn't expecting them to keep it explained as "Alchemy"
Interesting :3
If you can hear him over Sy and Jaden's voices he goes on to explain it's a practice of changing "One thing to another" and it's really quite fascinating! :D
*Dances cos it seems Banner will be keeping Daitokuji's tendency to be one hella big FMA parody :o*

Anyway as Banner is talking, Sy thanks Jaden and he's all like "No prob...for what?" and Sy explains it was for sticking up for him. Banner sees they are talking and looks over at them. Noticing that, Jaden tells Sy he might have to stick up for him again in a second as Banner calls out for Sy. Sy stands up all nervous like but all Banner asks is for him to grab "Pharaoh"
"Er...Pharaoh?" Sy replies looking confused.
"Unless you are minoring as a scratch post" comes Banners reply. With that there is a little cat sound and Banner's cat appears at Sy's feet.
Pharaoh is the cats name in the Japanese version too so I'm glad they kept that, I had a feeling they would but you never know with 4Kids ;D

Ha! The music playing over the next scene is funny and quite fitting for Crowler I think. Ah yes, Crowler is mumbling about Jaden making a mockery of him in front of his class and how it'll be the last mistake he makes at the academy while writing something. He then stops to re-apply his lipstick :3 After that he gives an envelope a HUUUUGE kiss and calls it "The big kiss-off" XD;;
Crowler then goes through the lockers (*What use are lockers if they're never locked? XD*) and finds the one with Jaden's boots in it so places the letter on top.

(*EDIT NOTE: In the Japanese version the boots had name tags in them reading "Judai" in the dub they're completely erased. I actually wondered about this and thought they'd replace the name with "Jaden" but I guess not XD;; Crowler just apparently magically knows they belong to him I guess :o*)

And then...
"HI EVERYONE! My name is Fonda Fontain and I'll be your gym instructor for this semester!!!"
Fonda Fontain? I don't even know if I spelled that right Oo; And that voice...she sounds like some screechy preppy cheerleader...
I never knew I'd be annoyed with the dub version of a character who very rarely shows up in the show but...they haven't handled Emi very well... :/

Anyway Sy runs in complaining about the "Lousy girls gym" and how they should "Make the sign bigger" XD;; He goes into his locker to find Jaden's boots, apparently Jaden is borrowing his locker XD;; Anyways he pulls them out and Chronos' letter falls from it. Sy comes to the quick conclusion that it's not Jaden's (*No it's his alllll his! Muwhahahaha!*) so Sy is all like "Someone wrote me a letter" so takes it between the lockers to read it.
Apparently it's a love letter from Alexis XD
Sy falls backwards and then claims "It's a lot better than what my mom usually writes me"
Cue Sy's little fantasy ending with Alexis saying "Please be mine!" thus out of his fantasy world Sy is like "Whoa! I'm yours!"
Down boy!!! XD

Anyway it's night and Jaden comes back drying his hair (*Resists the urge to shout JuudaiXTowel OTP!*) and walks into the dorm telling Sy that the outhouse is free :o
But only Chumely is in there and he says Sy had just left and that he was in a real good mood.
"A good mood?" Questions Jaden. "That really doesn't sound like Syrus"
Awwww XD

Anyway while Sy rows out to the female Obelisk Blue dorms, Crowler cuts the lock there and sneaks in, diving bush to bush all ninja like.
While he's doing that you hear Alexis talking to one of her friends, something about the Obelisk waiting pool and guys raging and "Hellloooo, girls dorm!!! No guys allowed, remember!"

Thus Crolwer reveals his plan for us, thanks to his phony love letter, Jaden will turn up looking for Alexis and when he does Chronos will take his photo from the bushes like a perverted old man and he would have caught him red-handed breaking campus rules! (*But then again, wouldn't people start asking WHY Crowler/Chronos was lurking outside the female dorm anyway? XD*)
But alas Sy reaches land and runs through the gate.

Oh and here we are, the bath scene, comes complete with EDITED IN SWIM SUITS :o And it's like you can totally see they're edited in too cos they look...really out of place Oo;
Anyway Alexis' friend with the brown hair (*Junko in the original, no dub name yet Oo;*) is yapping on about Jaden and how some nerve to talk to Crowler like he did but Alexis is all like "I thought it was cool" in a total dream like way which totally shoots up any Jaden/Alexis coupling quite a bit, it's just the way she says it really which makes me laugh XD;;
Alexis second friend (*Momoe in the original*) says he might be cool if he had the talent to back it up, but Alexis tells her he might do, but she won't know until she duels him herself :o

Anyway Crowler hears someone coming thinking it's Jaden he hides, but then he freaks out when he sees it's Sy XD Some of the girls then come out and start shouting "It's a boy!"
Crowler is all "I'M NOT A BOY! I'M A MAN! OH JUST FORGET IT!" and runs off saying "You don't know me! You don't know me!" before falling into the water.
The girls all surround Syrus and grab him, then Alexis' two friends some out in towels with their edited in blue swimsuits now missing :o

Later on Alexis and her two friends have Sy tied up by the hands (*Kinky! XD*) and after hearing about the love letter Junko lists off why it's not possible for there to be a love letter from Alexis to him:
"Um hello, like, Alexis is really tall and your really short. She's really good at dueling and you're really not. She's really hot and-"
Yes...Junko said Alexis was "hot"... XD
Anyway Sy shows them the letter and apparently Alexis' name isn't even spelled right on it XD Then Junko points out it's made out to Jaden Yuki HA! Awww, poor Sy is all sad cos he couldn't even get a fake love letter XD
Junko is apparently not buying his excuse and claims he could have wrote the note for a reason to come there. Fonda then appears asking what they're up to and so the three of them sit on Syrus to hide him :o Alexis tells her they'll "keep a lid on things" which eventually makes Fonda with her annoying voice go away.

With that Alexis then tells her friends they'll use Syrus as bait to find out what they were wondering about before, just how good Jaden really is XD

Anyway Jaden is playing a handheld video game when he gets a disguised message over his PDA telling him they have Syrus and he should go to the girls dorm on his own :/

Anyway Jaden reaches the girls dorm and then asks Syrus what's going on and Syrus just replies with "Well to make a long story short, I'm basically a big loser"
*Pets him*
Then they point out that now Jaden is there he's trespassing like his friend and basically has to win their freedom by him dueling Alexis!

"Get ya game on, Alexis" ...somebody needs to put Jaden out of his misery and tell him he is NOT COOL!

After Alexis plays her double passé trap to turn Jaden's attack to a direct attack on her so her monster, Etoile Cyber, can attack Jaden directly was funny cos Jaden is all like "That Alexis is something else!" Alexis then asks if Jaden is impressed and he replies with:
"Impressed? I think I'm in love"
I die right on the spot there cos it's funny to actually hear him say that even if he was just being stupid in his comment and didn't mean it XD
Anyway Alexis replies to his comment, saying that he's "Sweet" but it's too bad she has to crush him~!
It's true love I'm sure~! XDDD

All of Alexis'/Asuka's monster cards keep their names, but Etoile Cyber has a nice paint job to cover her. Plus the crotch area of the monsters have lines erased so they're less defined XD;;

And surprisingly Jaden doesn't use too much of his "Cool" lingo during the duel, which made me amazingly happy, he's so much better without those crappy lines. Though after the duel ended he was right back to it again, telling Alexis she has "Game"....yeah *Rolls eyes*
Anyway they set off and Alexis thinks to herself that even if she did win she could have never have turned the both of them in cos the place is more fun with them.
Junko thinks to herself that she's never seen Alexis act this way before and asks herself if Alexis is actually falling for "that Slifer" XD

Last line of the day is with Crowler as he calls Jaden a "lucky brat" and claims he will find a way to expel him...that is...after he finds a way home XD

EDIT: w00t! I'm not diabetic! :D I'm a wuss and couldn't stick myself with the needle so I had to turn away while my dad did it XD
First thing I did was eat a brownie XD
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