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Trip into Town

Hummm, set my alarm for 8am and I didn't get up until about almost half 10 :/ Yay for falling back to sleep, at least I still managed to get into town to get some salad sandwich/box for me and my dad for tea AND got the hamster some sawdust, I cleaned her out last night only to realize I had none -_-;; Luckily I had plenty of bedding so that was used instead until I could get the sawdust today. I also bought her this funky looking toy, it's called "Play Veg" although it...looks more like a pineapple XD;; It's completely made out of thin wood shavings and so I think she'll enjoy playing with it, hopefully. It's not often I can get her new toys cos most of the hamster toys she either already has or can't fit in her cage XD;;
Got a really small notepad too, it's for work, not only can I note down problem barcodes in it (*Ah the amount of times things won't scan or the barcode is missing ect.*) but I can use it to doodle in when it's late and night and being really slow, instead of using paper towels XD;;

My throat still feels dodgy, but so far no sign of any other cold symptoms :/ Keeps alternating between being itchy to feeling a little sore and the funny feeling is still there. Meh, my throat has always been the problem area, in fact I think in star signs it lists one of a Taurus' most weakest parts to be the throat, weird ey? XD Kinda reminds me of a few months ago when I got a really really sore throat and it lasted only a day, it was completely gone the next day Oo;

Hummm, I'm so hungry but I can't really eat until my dad comes home. I decided last night that it might be a good idea to test for Diabetes, in fact when I was explaining my tiredness and stuff to MetalRhynomon last night he instantly thought of that :/ My dad is Diabetic you see, my uncle too, although theirs is more Diabetes with old age XD;; But still, my dad has a testing kit and I decided it was best to rule it out~! After all I slept for 10 hours today and I still felt really really tired :/
Anyway I'm supposed to fast for 12 hours to get an accurate reading on this thing. While in town I got this sugar free flavoured water to keep my energy up so hopefully that wouldn't effect it XD
I'll let you all know what it ends up saying :o

Oh and here's a photo I took of my hamster a few days ago which I've been meaning to post here :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Quite blurry cos my camera really doesn't seem to like my bedroom but I thought it was adorable how she was just sat there looking at me over her log thing XD
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