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Stupid lack of energy...

Don't you just hate it when you get bruises and you cannot remember where they came from? It must be something I'm doing at work, at least three of them have occurred since after my week off. Then again my mum is the same, she's always covered in bruises, but she has a job where she can easily get them, how do *I* get them stood at a till my entire shift...
...ah then again, I have been doing replenishment recently too, that could especially explain the one on top of my leg, especially where BWS is concerned since the boxes on there are really heavy.

That and I'm also sick of this disinterest I have in pretty much everything. I keep saying I'll do things but I just don't get round to it, even if I *have* the time, I just can't bring myself to do it, doesn't even have to be that time consuming either >>; I meant to clean the hamster out this morning but I found I just could NOT get up, I just kept falling back to sleep. I've been like this, well, ever since I started work really, before that most of the time I could get up, I felt I actually HAD energy, I don't know what happened Oo;
My concentration is also very terrible, I swear half the mistakes I make at work could be avoided if I just concentrated but I find that so hard, my lack of concentration has just gotten worse and worse. I like my imagination, I just don't like the fact I zone out so often :/ I guess I've never had the best in concentration anyway, I've always been a daydreamer.

Hahaha! You know someone once told me a few months ago he thought I was suffering from depression cos of these very facts, disinterest in things, lack of concentration ect. but I know that's not it cos I have nothing to be depressed over and I'm decently happy with life.

Maybe it's too much computer radiation *pokes computer screen*

I want a sense of having life back now please >/

...I hope my mum remembers I'm at work today Oo;
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