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So...yeah...fried apple...

Humm, well I don't think much to fried apple X___x; It's not a bad taste just a...bizarre one. Give me fried onions anyday, that goes much better with sausages :3 Sausages themselves are too chewy in places and that annoys me...
If I complain of feeling sick tomorrow, you know why...
...then again, I don't think I was supposed to burn the apple Oo;

I'm not a cook *Goes back to frozen pizzas and stuff*

the Idiot Savant

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Intresting XD I don't think my sense of humor is overally vulgar really Oo; But yes, it can be very spontanous and quite often overally silly. Hahaha! Also I do recieve a lot of internet forawrds, but I always delete them XD

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