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I want to be Sharman King too....

Today was quite an intresting day cos I got to see two animes I hadn't seen before.

Firstly Sharman King, granted it started on saturday and I COMPLETLY kept forgetting to watch it but I remembered today and it's really quite awesome ^^ I really like Yoh's Character and the samurai spirit he has is fun too XD Wheeee! Must watch it tomorrow!

I also finally got round to watching Full Metal Alchemist and since I'm watching from episode 22....I have no idea what's going on ^^; Although it's a good show and I still have episode 25 and 26 to watch.

Oh and I was just looking at the offical site for the Naruto Movie http://www.naruto-movie.com/ looks like it's going to be way cool (*loves the movie people in the picture XD*)I wonder what kind of role that girl and guy will play though....the ones at the top of the picture... well...I hope that one on the left is a girl XD Could be a Haku-ish like guy *lol*
The gang look good in capes and gloves X3 I think Sakura stole her gloves off Kari though, they look similar XD
Why am I getting a sudden urge to draw them as Digimon Tamers now O_o; I get the weirdest ideas at the weirdest times.... *lol*
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