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Hummm Free Food~!

Man, I hope dad hurries up in the kitchen, I'm so hungry and I gotta try this recipie thing work wants us all to do XD

Well you see, our supermarkets catchphrase has been "Making life taste better" but it seems the we're not making life taste better anymore, nooo, now our new slogan is "Try something new today!" :D Believe me I had to sit through videos and stuff yesterday all about it and basiclly it's probably all Jamie Oliver's idea, hahaha! But anyway basiclly he wants people to start "trying something new" with their food and all us working there got these free sasuages, apples and sage to try out one of the recipies, gotta fry them all together XD;;

Well, it's free food, I ain't complaining XD
Working for Sainsbury's has it's perks at times *lol*

Oooh and two pictures I drew a few days ago, one of Chronos for the birthday picture (*Which if I get done by the 6th will be a freakin' miracle*) and one little crappy sketch of Ed Phoenix.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chronos is the hardest to draw out of ALL the main GX characters XD;;
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