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Impressed? I think I'm in love!

Wow! The dub really DOES create more crack Oo;
Just finished watching the dub of episode 3 of GX and well, the lines made it even more amusing plus they were pulling out quite a few Jaden/Alexis jokes which was quite entertaining.

Alexis: - So, you impressed?
Jaden: - Impressed? I think I'm in love!
Alexis: - You're sweet, too bad I have to crush you.

Also Syrus is apaprently one of the muppets, Gonzo to be exact. Why? Well when jaden comes in from washing his hair or whatever Chumley tells Jaden that "Sy's gonzo" in those EXACT words, which amused me cos I automaticlly thought of the muppet :/ Really he was saying "Sy's gone" in their own l33t language but still...
...Sy's a muppet! :3

Lots of other things to mention but it's all wrote down in my ramble, just need to spell check and edit it ect. which will be done tomorrow cos right now I'm tired.

Oh I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" today as well! Cool movie :D I want the BGM from it XD
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