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Stop the duel! I NEED FOOD! :o

Wow! Kaiser and Juudai drew :o AND Kaiser laughed at the end, LAUGHED!
...I'm sure that's one of the signs of the apocalypse Oo;

Juudai's little lunch break was funny XD;;

...I want to draw Ed Phoenix in all his prettyness~! XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A buddy little chat

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hi! I'm Ed Phoenix, you new resident pretty boy~!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
RWAR! I gots me a dino on me 'ead!

In other news, work today sucked :( I lothe the BWS aisle now, LOTHE IT! I was happy for about 5 minutes then I was rushing around trying to do this and that and the other...GAH!
And where in the hell do they keep the beer overs now!? They've changed around the warehouse AND the aisles since I was last on there and I didn't know where anything was!! Oo;;;
The wine lockup is more spaceous now though, I was suprised when I walked in and it actually felt like there was room to move in there XD;;

Today also sucked cos I was in one of my "Don't really want to be around people" moods :/ So I was getting intimidated a lot, saying stupid things, just genreally feeling panicked...I hate it when I'm like that -_-;;

EDIT: GX Dub Episode 3 is out on Mininova :o Don't have the time to download it now so I'll have to get it in the morning. Then I need to find some time to watch it, write my ramble as I do and note down any edits/cuts I notice. Which reminds me I think I saw that there was another edit in episode 2 with the mugs Shou was pouring tea into, apparently one had a japanese symbol on it and of course 4Kids airbrushed it out :o
WTF 4Kids!? I mean we see things like that on mugs and stuff ALL the time in real life! Look! *Points to the curtains in her room* I have Chinese writing on my curtains!! :o
So yeah, I need to double check that and add it to my episode 2 ramble ^^;

Time for bed, I need to get up early....we have people coming to do something to the house >>;
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