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Wow! :o

I got the biggest ego booster today O___o; Ya see sometimes if I can find a spare piece of paper and it's not busy, I draw at the charity shop. Today I got hold of a small book on Bambi so I drew Bambi, then Thumper, these were silly little crappy sketches mind you, that weren't all that good, but everyone there were saying how good they were XD The manageress was asking if I could draw things like Winnie the Pooh or the Tweenies and I told her I probably could with a refrence. I then found a Winnie the Pooh picture and so drew that :o I showed it to her and she wanted to keep it *__* (*It also had a little sketch of Juudai and Shou on the bottom XD;;*)

She said she might get me to draw characters on the wall of her kids toy room :o I told her I'd practise drawing the Tweenies for that ;D She won't be at the Charity shop from the end of this week though cos she's having her third kid soon XD;;

Back to work for me tomorrow XP
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