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YAY! Phonecall!

I...shouldn't keep eating these Minstrels Oo;

Helen phoned earlier! And luckily I had my mobile charged up (*Which is a rairity but since I was out today and on my own I made sure it was charged*) she wanted to know if I could come to Sheffield with her tomorrow but since I'm at the Charity Shop and it was late notice I can't, but we'll be doing something Thursday after I've been to work :D Not sure what we'll be doing yet, either seeing a movie or going to a "quiet pub" as she put it as she knows I don't really like pubs, but I can stand the quiet ones a bit better than any with loud music and rowdy people XP

Nearly finished with my GX Episode 15 caps :D
I took a lot O_O; Only saving what I want but...daaaamn...XD
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