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Back from ze movie~!

Howl's Moving Castle was totally awesome *___* More people in the cinema too than when I went to see Spirited Away XD
The film itself left me with a really happy feeling after it finished, such a lovely movie and Howl is...an interesting character~! The bit where he goes mental about his hair and goes drama queen over it was funny XD Simply cos I was sat there thinking "Howl has some issues". Sophie re-arranged his magic potions and so it dyed his hair red and he comes running down in only his towel and he's all like "I don't see the point in living if I'm not beautiful!!" His hair then turns black but he ends up...calling dark spirits and starts turning to green goo...XD
I loved the fire demon, Kelcifer (*I have no idea if that's the right spelling of his name*) he was funny XD

Shopping wise I didn't really buy much, Meadowhall is kinda boring now XD But I did get the next Fruits Basket Volume I needed (Vol. 9) and since Aura recommended the Pita-Ten manga too me I got the first volume of that. Also got some mechanical pencils and some Yu-Gi-Oh cards (*Three "Cybernetic Revolution" and three "Ancient Sanctuary"*) didn't get any GX cards in the Cybernetic Revolution packs that I didn't already have XD But ah well!

The train rides were the WORST part of the day. I wasn't in a people mood but the trains were unusually crowded and people kept sitting next to me when I'd rather sit on my own >>; Quite uncomfortable.
Also the fact that I feel a little sick due to only eating half a small tub of Minstrels all day XD But I put a pizza in the oven so hopefully I'll feel a bit better after eating something different from chocolate =p
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