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Movie Tomorrow! w00t!

So I texted Helen earlier today but turns out she's really busy tomorrow which I expected, but hey, I tried :/ Looks like I'll be seeing Howl's Moving castle on my own which isn't bad I guess XD;; I wonder how many people will be at the screening this time, there were only three people, including me, who watched Spirited Away when I did XD It was fun not having any screaming kids or people talking during the whole movie :D

I think I should try and make it for the first showing, cos the next showing isn't until 3pm :/

Best get to bed if I wanna be up super early then :o It's been really weird today, after getting up I eventually felt fine, then I started feeling tired and sick, then fine again, then tired again XD Really random~!

You know...this is the first movie I've seen in over a year O_O Last time I went was to see the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie XD

Oh yeah and today I also downloaded AIM and gave May, Hinata and even Juudai their own AIM accounts XD I have no personal account on there though, I think most of the people who talk to me can contact me through MSN anyway, I only really got AIM for RP purposes as I was missing out on bunch of stuff at the Mugenjou RP (*Well that and the fact I seem to be the only player there from England XD;; Thus timezones get a bit in the way :o*)
...Juudai liked the happy smilies the most :3

Okay half eleven, time to go to bed :3
And I will not get distracted by calumon this time :o
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