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"I was having a yucky day but now, whoo hoo I get to play~~!"

Last night I finally got the whole 9GB of dubbed Digimon Tamers and I skimmed through some episodes.
I forgot how much I adored this season.
I then found the episode where Calumon sung is little rhyme as he chased the digital tumbleweed through the desert, after that I realized Calumon is the complete anti-angst, he's so innocent and happy, even when he's upset he still has this amazing optimism. He's lost in the desert, he's lost his friends, but then he puts that all aside to have fun with a big pink ball :3
We should all be like Calumon.
In the end, instead of going to bed like I had planned, I stayed up until 5am making happy little icons~~!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pokémon was fun today, the friend of the day, Jimmy I believe his name was, was quite intresting. I loved how Ash and co were cooing over how lucky he was. I mean he was able to trade a Magikarp for a Charmelon! XD Then again the Magikarp was a shiny Magikarp, poor fool didn't even know, he just called it a "Weird coloured Magikarp" XD
The little match between Brock and Ash...hummm, yes, why did Brock barely do ANY attacks? He seemed to be letting Mudkip and Lombre get owned and he only attacked near the end :/ Well he doesn't get to battle that much these days, maybe he's rusty XD

Hahaha! I was so amused when I watched Yu-Gi-Oh and Grandpa used the combo Juudai uses a lot, the Mirage of Nightmare/Emergancy Provisions one~! Also Joey is also freakin awesome XD
Awwww, poor Yugi was so nervous when he was asked to come up onto the stage *lol*
Also this was the episode where Shikamaru and Chouji from Naruto were hidden in the crowd (Ino possibly too but it doesn't pan far enough to see her *lol*)It was funny when I saw them:
ME: - Hey! It's Shikamaru and Chouji! *Points*
DAD: - What?
ME: - Shikamaru and Chouji! (*Goes on to explain who they are and why they are in the crowd*)
DAD: - *Is so not intrested*

After watching them I tired to go back to bed but I can't get back to sleep now, so early to bed for me tonight! I have a movie to see tomorrow X3 Need to text Helen to see if she wants to come with me tomorrow, but she'll probably be working v_v;
If I'm still online after midnight tonight, you have my premission to kick my ass :D

Ooooh! Naruto dub episode 4 is up! :D
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