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Last night I decided to sketch a little picture of Shou and Juudai which will be one small aprt of a large celebration picture for GX's birthday. I really like how it came out cos when I draw characters together very rarely are they internacting in a big way, but with help from a little screenshot refrence I was able to pull of a pretty nice sketch with Juudai being all pal-like with Shou X3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I need to draw Hayato in the same picture later :3 Then I need to draw Kaiser, Asuka and Fubuki in another, Manjoume and Misawa in another and Daitokuji, Pharaoh and Chronos in the final one. I split them up cos I remember how much of a pain it was to keep everyone in preportion when I did that huge GX group picture, so I'm keeping a few characters in each section of the picture I make ;D
If I finish this for the 6th I'll be amazed O_O

Also I just learned that apparently Ichimaru's voice in Bleach is done by the same guy who does Fubuki...
...I KNEW there was something I reconized about Ichimaru's voice when I watched Bleach the other day :o
Why do I want to draw Death God!Fubuki now? >>; Actually....I think he's look good like that, I can so picture him in those black robes with a huge grin on his face giving his "10JOIN!" thumbs up XD
Oh yeah and that character Paku Romi plays is awesome :D I keep forgetting his name.
I need to watch episode 49 and 50 O_O;

But for now...I have to clean my room >>; Thaaaaat's gonna take a while....
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