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WTF, ParcelForce v_v;

I...don't think the DVDs are coming today either...
I just took a look on my tracking thing and it's last known location was still being held at Rotherham and it's "Awaiting payment for charges"... >>;
Hummm, looking it up through google it appears whatever this charge is, it ranges from having to pay when it's delivered to having to pay over the phone or go down to the depot itself and pay O_o; Hummmm, guess I'll sit back for now and see what happens :/ If nothing happens I might have to go down to the deport by some miracle this next week. How, I don't know cos I don't have any transportation during the week >>;;

This never happened with my first Duel Box O_o;

Maybe I'll clean the kitchen today or something, saves having to do it tomorrow cos my dad is on his "GOTTA CLEAN OVER THE WEEKEND!" thing again...
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