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Songs that bring back Memories :3

You know what? I just realized that chart music was so much more better in the mid 90s.
Ya see I had a load of compilation CDs of random music which I gave to my brother a good couple of years ago now as I needed to clear out some stuff and felt he could make use of them, turns out he didn't use them for anything and my mum found them the other day and asked if I wanted them back, so I just went round now to fetch them.

A lot of the songs on them I like or I'm like "Hahaha! I remember that song! Memories~!" These days I'm not that keen on most of the stuff in the charts >>; Most of it is either really cheesy gimmicky boy bands, or rap, or dance, with very few I actually take notice of and think "Hey, that sounds good".

What ever happened to the classic brit pop and stuff? :/
I dunno, maybe it's because during the mid 90s I was in my early teens and listened to the chart religiously back then XD;; And now I very rarely listen to the radio as it is, only when I have to set my alarm clock and even then when it goes off I'm half asleep for most of it.

Maybe if I go through these, I'll be able to find a good song for a GX music video :D I need to find a way to rip them as MP3s :o

And yes...I'm addicted to my new Fubuki icon X3
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