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Juudai really likes to angst on cliff edges, huh? That be his angst spot! And he was all super serious during the duel, poor thing *pets* And Kaiser is teh awesome :3 The weird Psychodelic background when he played that "Future Fusion" card was...very very trippy *__*

Episode ended with Juudai staring at a power bonded Cyber End Dragon :o

I have some pretty good ideas for parodies for some of this episode :3 YAY! It's just unfortunate I can't record them yet. Not only do I have to keep my headphones off while I listen out for any knock on the door that might be my DVDs, my dad overslept so took a day off work >>; So therefore maybe I'll just write the script out for them instead, best thing I can do while I can't record them straight off.
I still need to finish off episode 47 too :o

I love Fubuki, he's crazy :3 He drops from trees in secret ninja fasion~!
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