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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Dub Episode 2 - CHUMLEY IS EVIL!

Whoa, I went a bit all out on this ramble for Dub episode 2 of GX. So instead of posting it in here I've decided to put it up on the GX part of my site, completely with a crappy picture I doodled in about 45 or so minutes :D
It contains a basic outline of the things they say and stuff as well as a few scene comparissions to the Japanese version. Also I noted down some cut scenes I noticed, nothing major really. They cut the Hayato/Koala refrence and left it out completely ;___; Also there was an interaction between Shou and Asuka that was cut during the duel. Just the part where Shou explains the "Aniki" thing to Asuka I believe.


There you go, only page I have up on that site so far XD

I can't believe they even dubbed over Pharaoh's voice O___o; Although he does sound a bit more like a cat now... XD

Jaden refers to Syrus as "Sy" mostly ^^

I was most dissapointed in Chumley, they made him sound so thugish to Jaden and Sy and he lacks the calm nature Hayato had. Everything that came out of Chumley's mouth was some kind of arrogant comment and he praticlly snapped at Shou when he offered him tea ;___; Thus Chumley is evil...

Now that's posted here is the Ninja Juudai picture I mentioned earlier, all based off an idea by Hinoryu or our Manjoume in the GX RP :3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The three in the bushes are supposed to be Kaiba, Joey and Yugi by the way XD;;
Ignore the mis-spelling of "Academia" ^^; It was late.

No Duel Box today it seems :( So maybe tomorrow...I hope it comes by Friday XD;; I at least still have the weekend and Monday to go see Howl's Moving Castle so it's not so bad :3

Gotta go wash pans and stuff now :o
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