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I was supposed to be going out with helen today but she cancelled on that yesterday and we rescheduled for Saturday instead, so i decided "Ah well I'll just go to the Charity shop like I normally do on Tuesday afternoons" Granted they're always happy for my help, but somewhere between this morning and 12pm my stomach, back AND head decided to hurt at the same time....and it's been raining on ond off so i was like "Stuff it I'm staying home"
So I haven't really done much today....not even much housework...blah...
...I need to work on PDU, I need to work on some fanart... but I just feel so....blah *lol* No other word for it
...I hate this time of the month *groans*

In other news I'm trying to see what's so good about this Full Metal Alchemist anime... though I don't think watching it from episode 22 will help much XD But ah well, I did download episode 25 but then acctidently deleted it...
...I also need to get round to watching Frontier subbed episode 42 and The Pokémon AG subbed epiosde 7...
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