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It shouldn't be dark Oo;

Here I be again you lilly livered slea slugs!! XD

Okay enough talking like a pirate for me Oo;;

Today my internal clock has been waaaay off Oo; I guess that's what I get for going to bed at almost half 4 in the morning and getting up at almost 2pm. When it started getting dark my mind kept making me feel like it shouldn't be dark yet Oo; Plus I've felt so tired and drained all day =p GO ME! The GX RP is worth staying up late for anyway, especially now we have our IRC channel again :D
I at least started on capping episode 10 of GX :3 YAY! TAG DUEL! The Paradox Brothers (*Forgot their Japanese name XD*) are hard to take shots of when they're bouncing all over the place :o

Maybe I'll do a post of panned images tomorrow or sometime soon :D
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