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Yet another dub Sunday post~!

I like contest episodes, I find them a bit more intresting than gym battles cos it's always intresting too see how they use the attacks and make them super pretty :3
I feel sorry for James though, all through Jesse's turns he was like "Don't hurt my poor Chimecho!!!" ;______; He loves that thing so much XD;;
Twas a win for May in the end :3 Also Ash and Swellow mastered Arial Ace which was lovely~!

Yu-Gi-Oh was intresting too. I loved the part where Joey asked the Pharaoh who the card he gave Rick reminded him of, so he switches with Yugi to deal with it and Yugi's all like "That's real mature, Pharaoh!! >/" Hahaha~!

I've got another Pokémon episode to watch later, cos I downloaded Clamperl of Wisdom just now since I'm doing the episode guide for that one ;D

I'm once again playing around with my GX site, I'm thinking I might just make it into a small place to post my rambles and stuff XD;; I'll just tidy up my reaction post for episode one and maybe draw a little humrous doodle to go with the episode, ya know, kinda like what some of the Japanese sites do XD;; Also will hold sections like character rambles/bios and music rambles....it'll be my GX ramble site :D
I think I've finally settled on a name for it. I'm simply gonna call it "Gotcha!" Just because >D And the layout theme is gonna be all red and stuff. I made a neat little banner out of one of my GX scans too :3

GX airs every Friday on YTV in Canada, right? I'm hoping to keep up listing air dates too for the episode rambles XD;; I just looked up what episode three is called and it's called "A Duel in Love" How cute~! XD
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