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WHOA! I'm Unbeatable~~~!

I love the new Pokémon dub opening theme *___* Found it up for download on a Pokémon site so I decided to check it out since we won't see it for a few weeks yet.

"Whooooooa! I'm unbeatable~! Pokémon ADVANCED BATTLE~!"

It's so catchy *___* And they used NO footage from the episodes, it's all opening footage from the "Pokémon Symphonic Medly/Battle Frontier" openings :D
I need to make an Advanced Battle page for PDU :o

One of these days I'll go to bed when I say I will instead of getting distracted :/

Can't. Stop. Listening. To. Song.

Oh yeah and while having a boring time at work I was looking through some doodles I did on a paper towel when the supervisor who was on late night saw one of them.

Supervisor: *Notices a picture on an eevee and makes a nice comment about the "Bunny"
Me: It's a Pokémon :D
Supervisor: Pokémon...they're those funny yellow things
Me: Well, some of them are funny yellow things ^^;

I just found that amusing for some reason XD
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