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My dream had an Opening and Ending theme... O_o;

You know you watch anime too much when your dreams have an opening and an ending theme O____O
I believe it was supposed to be a new opening and ending theme for GX, I remember Yugi being in the opening anyway (*Why, I have no idea*), the music was like a mix between Kaisei Joshou Hallelujah and the dub opening theme O_o; The only lyrics I heard was someone saying "Yu-Gi-Oh GX"....the animation with Yugi looked pretty *__*
The ending theme was Juudai relaxing in some inflatable boat floating down a stream O_o;

My dream also made up what Ed Pheonix should look like and apparently my imagination thinks he should be small, have orange hair with a little yellow stripe through it and look a little like Daichi from Beyblade XD;; He was in the "Next episode preview" thing and I remember him relaxing on one of the bunk beds in Juudai and Shou's room, I assume it was the top but for some odd reason he must have found how to take up two of the bunk beds cos in one of the scenes that flashed by Juudai and Shou were sharing a bed (*I really shouldn't mention how shounen-ai-ish that scene looked, it was just the way Juudai looked at the sleeping Shou which made me double take and I was like "Whoa, did I really see that!?" Oo;*)

GX stuff aside, I also remember being out in a field, there was some weird atmosphere here, like something bad had happened Oo; Then there was this big zepplin blimp thing in the sky, we started running and luckily we got far enough away before the huge blimp crashed down behind us. Lets feel sorry for all the people in my dream that got zepplin'd FMA fan joke

I also remember someone inviting me apparently to some dance or something that was being held the next day but me and a bunch of other people were invited a day early for like a special guest thing (*Might have been Pegasus that invited us, not sure*)But when we got there we were sat on a stage and people started asking us questions O_o; Someone asked all of us what was so great about coca Cola, my reply? "I've drank it for ages, I love it simple as that!" Then we had a break and I was talking to someone (*I felt as though i didn't get along with them really*) then my brother and my best friends brother approach me with this bag full of spiders and cobwebs and throw it over me >_____< I freak out then realize I need to get cleaned up before the second part of the question thing, but I know I won't be able to get ready on time, but I try anyway and as I was choosing some clothes to wear my dad was asking what I was doing and I was like "Adam through spiders in my hair!!!" >_<;;;

And that was about all I can remember O_o;

I watched the newest Pokémon episode. Harley is freakin' awesome X3 Poor May fell for his lies again. Seems like he told her she could enter the contest with a Hoenn pass when she needed a Kanto one to enter :( But Some woman named Lillian fixed for her so harley wasn't too happy XD Oh and Harley has an Ariados now....Big spider O_O;; He was freakin cool when he released it to stop two thirds of Team Rocket getting away with the contest Pokémon, man James and Meowth really got into the villian thing this episode. Jesse wasn't there due to a mishap with cacnea which resulted in her having to have some emergancy hair treatment:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyone else think that hairstyle is pretty and she should keep it? :3 I know she still has it in the next episode but it'll probably grow back by the episode after XD;;
Oh, and May's Squirtle leanerd Ice beam :3 Wheeeee~!

Ack...gotta get ready for work. Last day before my week off. YAAAAAY~~~!

I wanted to get up early today to get some stuff done, I wanted to start off a picture, I need to reply to DM-san's comment for my staff info (*I'll get to it as soon as I can just letting you know that i've seen it ;D*), I need to reply as Juudai in the GX RP >>; But I guess oversleeping and having that dream was kinda worth it XD
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