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Yu-Gi-Oh GX [Dub Episode 1] - JADEN HAS THE GEAR! :o

A big thanks to Travis who found a torrent to the Yu-Gi-Oh GX dub~! So therefore I downloaded it and wrote my reactions as the episode played through which i'm posting here as my newest collection of random stuff. My "Yu-Gi-Oh GX Dub is Super Crack!" collection of rambles :3
I wrote most of this while tired and on a sugar high O_O Since it IS almost 4am >>;

No screenshots, I was gonna doodle a picture of my various reactions and post that but too tired to do that now, will update with that tomorrow XD;;

Oh but I do have a link to a sound clip of Zane and Alexis in the ramble...

OMG! like 3 seconds into it I'm laughing my ass off. Why?
Oh just the line "I got my gear" >>; Told you GX was on
crack, Jaden is their supplier :3 Seriously:
Jaden: "I got my deck! I got my gear-" *Here I pause the
video and collapse into a fit of giggles*
I am SO iconing that XD

So after I've recovered from that Jaden goes on to explain
how he's got about 2 minutes to get to the Duel Academy
exam but since he's not a student yet, they can't throw him
in detention hall for being late!
No, they could just not let you be a student at all, Jaden
So then he runs through the people telling them he's coming
through and asking them how they're doing O_o; I miss

"At your back"? What in the hell does that mean? O_o; Crazy
So here is the point where he crashes into Yugi and lands
on his ass :3 Yugi, speaking in his Pharaoh voice, says
"You're a duelist, aren't you?" and of course Jaden tells
him he's going to try out at the academy.
Yugi with yami's voice...no...I can't picture that well >>;
At least the Japanese version had a kind of inbetween voice
which made it sound like Yugi was finally hit puberty and
all, but ah well...

So yeah Yugi takes out his card and tells Jaden that
something tells him that it belongs with him and he's all
like "For real!?!?!" :o Then yugi wishes him luck and walks
off and Jaden is thanks him and tells him that he'll make
him proud (*I found that line kinda cute actually XD*)

...they dubbed over Hane Kuriboh's voice? WHY!? ;___;
*Misses the "Kurii~! Kurrii~"* Now it just goes "oourrrgh"
or something...WTF? Card of course, edited :3
Come on, you could of at least kept Hane Kuriboh's voice
;___; It was cute...

"I can't be the next king of games, if I'm late to the

Yes. XD

Opening theme. Obviously not as good as the wonder that is
Kaisei Joshou Hallelujah, but this song is a grower
despite the cheesiness XD;; I'm like that with most dub
openings 4kids do, after all I've lived through 6 years of
dub Pokémon openings XD
"Game on~! Catch ya game on~!"

So next is the scenes at the dueling exams and I think
Crowler's dub voice has grown on me a little, seems quite
perfect for him really and he's got that snotty elitist
attitude so YAY!
Then there is Syrus' "I suck, I suck, I suck" (*Okay he
doesn't really say that but, meh, it's the jist of it XD*)

So Jaden arrives as Misawa's dueling with his little Brock
gone posh/Kaiba trying to imitate Ryou Bakura's voice for
kicks voice and....oh boy those LP counters sure do want to
make themselves known...seen the size of them? They're huge O___o;

"Thankyou, oh wise proctor"

Wise proctor indeed!

Hummm, that obelisk Blue student, and one of Manjoume's
lackeys, that I always thought was a girl for some bizarre
reason Besides the fact that he LOOKS like one
has this weird country accent thing going on,
yay for him? XD

"The Chazz Princeton way" - Why does that line never
fail to make me wanna throw up?

"That last guy really tore it up!" Okay Jaden, you can stop
with the "cool" lingo now >>;; Just scream "LET IT RIP!"
and join Beyblade, they use all that kinda hip lingo in
there :3 Yes! Lets rip it up! Whoooo! XD

So yeah we learn the names of "Bastian" and "Syrus" and
Syrus apparently gets test anxiety :( Awwwww~!

"Looks like we've got a good crop this year!"
"E-yes. Indeedy!"
The "Indeedy" part made me giggle, what a silly word~! And
"Pretty good crop this year" makes me automatically think
they both work on a farm in their spare time and that's
what they were talking about...I think he says crop

"One last applicant has arrived to take his exam, Mr.
"Did you just call me "Mr."?
"Oh sorry I'm new here, Mrs." <---Still the best dub line
thus far XD
Can you really get a PhD in dueling? O_o;...interesting XD


Apparently crowler cut half the applicants last year for
calling him mr. or Mrs. or ya know, whatever. And Sheppard
lacks the jolly sound Sameshima had, Sheppard scares me
Crowler then hangs up and calls him a "Furry-chinned
windbag!" XD WHooo!

"Tight duel, Bastian!" <--- Jadens l33t lingo just gets
worse and worse XD
Hahaha! They kept Jaden's "You're number two cos I'm number
one!" speech. Hahaha~!


"So son! Your name?" <--- *Pictures Chronos calling Juudai
"son" and laughs* So wrong...
Also Jaden claims he though Crowler was like the mascot or
something HA!
One of Chazz's flunkies claims Jaden has "Some lip" and
Chazz is all like "Grrrr!"

"Duel vest on!" That was called his Duel Coat in the
Japanese version if I am right. Ah either way~!

"That's pretty sweet, teach~!" <--- Jaden's lingo...again.
Ya know I can't wait until Jaden gets his
bling Yami no medallion thing :3 It would
go well with his lingo I think XD;;
Jaden asks about Crowlers "Cool blue blazer" and how he can
get one, I believe Juudai asked about Chronos' duel coat in
the Japanese version so, yay? XD

The duel starts and Jaden puts...Elemetal Hero Avian...in
defence mode then "Throws down a face down" Oh dear god
that lingo of his, it's both amusing and makes me wanna
slap him at the same time O_o; Then he's all like "Getcha
game on~~~!" >>; And Crowler is all like "Yes, very
good...don't tell me what to do!!" >/

So Crowler starts his turn off by playing the magic card
"Confiscation" and as he explains what it does (*Lets him
choose as card from jaden's deck and smite's it to the
graveyard*) I can't help but be distracted by the heavy
metal background music >>;

Okay blah blah *Enter duel stuff and Chazz mouthing off
here* Now onto the voices of Zane and Alexis. Both of them
sound older than their mid-late teens and by that I mean
MUCH older >>; Zane's voice is like SO DEEP! And he sounds
like he's about 40, Alexis sounds like she's a 30
Well, yay for them I suppose Oo;
I had to listen to this a few times before I even got what
they said, too mesmerized by their voices.

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=33AIFUWT <--- Sound Clip of Zane and Alexis' voices XD

Anyway back to Crowler and Jaden's duel, where learning is
fun~! :D *cough*
Crowler summons Ancient Gear Gollum and Jaden is all like
"I've always wanted to take one on~~!" Syrus just wonders
if he's brave or crazy and Zane seems a lot more interested
in the duel than Ryou did >>;
...and he still sounds 40 something...

I'm still not liking the fact that they dubbed over Hane
Kuriboh's voice >>;
Awww~! At least they kept the whole apologizing to teh
little Kuriboh when it's destroyed XD Crowler is all like
"Check you gear! Your lifepoints didn't change!" and jaden
is like "My gear's fine!" :D I gave it all to the
rest of the cast...

After that Crowler calls Winged Kuriboh lame and Jaden's
all like "You may have beat him but that doesn't give you
the right to call him lame!" >/
Then we get ...Burstinatrix...with her paint job too XD;;;
Then we get Flame Wingman! Whoooo~!

"That's game!" <--- *Wonders if that's what will be
replacing his "GOTCHA!" catchphrase O_o;

Awww and at the end Jaden is like "From now on, you and I
will be partners~!" to winged Kuriboh :3


Safe to say I think I'll be enjoying this in a "The dub makes it even more crack with their cracky lines" way XD Cos seriously, this made me laugh so much XD;
Especially if they keep refering to their duel disks as "Gear" XD;;

...may iconable quotes here, also a job for tomorrow...but for now I just sleep and gain some sanity Oo;
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