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You know, last night one of the regular customers at work said to me: "You're always working late at night and always with a smile on your face"
That comment made me happy ^^ I was in like a super happy mood yesterday too anyway which is unusual for a work day, in fact I'm in a pretty happy mood today as well, YAY FOR HAPPY MOODS!

Heh, our petrol station was a right sight last night as well, ooooh yes how people panic about this stupid Fuel thing >>; I remember it when it happened a few years ago back when I was in college. I remember during the thick of it two college friends and I had gone into Sheffield for the day and we were running very low on fuel on the way home but we could NOT get into any petrol station we passed, we just made it home on the fumes I think X__x; Didn't help that we got lost on the way home too XD Ah memories~!

I think I'll go into Woolworths today and see if they have those Cybernetic Revolution Yugioh cards, probably not, but we'll see :3
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