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Back to the Sunday Dub Reaction Posts :3

Ahhhh, back to good old ways of having both new Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh on Sundays~~! How I missed this, it makes my Sunday's complete X3

The Pokémon episode today was "Pokéblock, Stock and Berry!" and I must say, Kanata/Kelly just rocks X3 I really loved May in this episode too, especially when she was trying to make the Pokéblock...and she sucks at it XD;;
I feel sorry for Chimecho though, right near the end as the contest began she was threatening it and Chimecho was so scared ;______; Also the episode ended at a cliffhanger O_O May orders Combusken to do it's first attack which is flamethrower and it totally goes out of control!! O_____O


"Watch where you're going cos I'm sure not!" - Kelly as she tries to walk through the market with a big bag of groceries blocking her view XD

"If it's reminding you of my Ex-Fiancee then, yes!" - James, after Jesse asks her team mates if they're thinking the same thing about Grumpig as her XD;;

"Brock, why are you screaming?"
"I don't know....I guess I felt Max's pain..."
- Ash and Brock when May grabs Max's ear and Brock screams XD

There was also the whole quote with Kelly and May as she tried to take a look at her ribbons:

Kelly - "Can I see them?"
May - "Well, I don't usually like showing them off..."
*Kelly and Grumpig struggles with May in a very dodgy looking scuffle XD*
Kelly - "They're beautiful May, both of them!!"
- This, can be taken so out of context if you didn't know they were talking about ribbons XD;;

And as for Yu-Gi-Oh:



In other news, since Dub Digimon isn't so avalible on TV/Video/DVD I'm downloading the entire dub series of tamers, I need them for episode guides on my site. I already have all of season 2 :3 And the dub of season 3 just rocked, I loved it :D
It's 9GB...
...O_O; That's gonna take some getting!
Thanks to Stars for giving me the link to it :3
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