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Barrel of Intresting things

So today work was full of kids throwing tantrums...yay... >>;

Today it appears we have started this charity collection thing for some kids chairty, can't remember what it's called XD Anyway we have the standard "Keep buckets at the end of our till" approach so people can just throw in their spare change if they want too. Well this one 5 or so year old was throwing a right little tantrum, I think cos her mother wouldn't let her have sweets or something. The girl would ignore her mother and was just putting on a pouty face and crying and such....then she grabs the bucket with the change in it and starts to take it out ^^; Her mother kept taking it off her and putting it back and telling her not to do it, but she just kept doing it and doing it and doing it, so eventually I had to take the bucket away from her ^^;

Honestly, cute they may be but DAMN when they're like that at work it makes me think how much I never want to go through that. yes...I shall stick to raising hamsters...much easier Oo;

Oh and one of the new people who have started on the tills passed out today O_O And I'm not suprised, apparnetly she started at 9am and this was like just past 7pm! I only noticed when the customer she had been serving got my attention and asked if there was a first aider in the store. At this point I didn't know if she had passed out or throwing up or whatever so I did the first thing that came to mind and pressed the button on our keypad that basiclly had the "First aid" kinda cross on it, I assume that's to call for a first aider, but luckily just after I pressed that the supervisors actually approached anyway so the customer asked them and just as luck would have it one of the people who works on the provisions department came to my till and he was actually a first aider so that was quite lucky O_O
The girl is okay anyway, just passed out due to exhaustion it seems.

Man, work has been quite a barrel of...intresting events this week O_O;

I ate yogurt earlier and it gave me a headache -_-;;
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