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Lately my teeth have been sensetive quite a lot and the toothpaste I use for it doesn't seem to be doing anything X___x; I dunno, probably being caused by my Wisdom teeth XD Any problems with my mouth or pain around that area I blame them, I've been getting little aches in my ears and stuff too. Though they're not causing any major problems and I hope they STAY that way.

You know, I thought I had the very last week in September off work but turns out it's the week before that which means no going and watching Howl's Moving Castle on the 31st ;___; I have to wait until the week after to see it, but with all this overtime work has been giving me I'm a bit worried if I'll even get to see it THAT week either >>; Being an anime movie they probably won't play it everyday....who knows...
But the GOOD thing about being off the week before is that I SHOULD get Duel Box 2 that week, aslong as CDJapan don't make me wait a month again XD Tis why I pre-orded it this time :3 So expect more pretty scans that week hopefully~~!

I've been feeling really unmotivated art wise >>; Blah...

I'm halfway through doing shots of Episode 9 of GX though :3 Luckily neither the shots for this nor episode 8 look squished :3 Realized there was a setting I could change which made it so I could capture the picture at the size of the power DVD window rather than the DVD source itself. I'm hoping to get episodes 6, 10, 11 and 12 capped by the time Duel Box 2 comes ^^
Need to carry on with those Pokémon the first movie shots too O_O Haven't had the chance to get back on my dad's computer.

Talking of my dad, he wants to destory the only free time I have this week (*The weekend*) by making me clean >>;
"I want this house clean from top to bottom!!"
I hate it when he gets into one of his super cleaning moods...
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