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Work Evacuation!

Well I certainly had an interesting day at work!

The fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the whole store XD

Luckily there wasn't anything serious that happened in the end really. You see when I came off my break and went into the female locker room there was water leaking through the ceiling (*It did this a couple of weeks ago too where I also discovered it was leaking in the corridor*) anyway I went straight to general office and told them, one of the managers and such came and took a look and so she was dealing with it. So I went on my way back to the checkouts. I was on there for about 20 or 25 minutes when suddenly the fire alarm goes off.
Now this was the intermittent fire alarm, which just tells us there might be a problem and it's being looked at, it rung for a while and one of the supervisors that was serving on the checkout in front of me told me to get ready to stop serving cos we might have to evacuate. Then the alarm switched to it's continuous tone which basically is our "Get out now!" alarm, the supervisor was talking on her headset asking if we had to evacuate but someone was telling her it was okay but in the end so many alarms and stuff were going off we ended up having to evacuate anyway. So all of us and the customers had to leave the store XD

We have to go to a certain part of the car park to make sure we're all here and while we're doing that half the customers just get in their cars and leave XD I guess cos they didn't know how long we'd be, but really we were only out there for 10 or so minutes. They just checked our names to make sure we were there and the fire brigade turned up too with their sirens going XD It was actually pretty awesome.

After that we were told we could go back in, luckily the customer I was serving hadn't left, which is good XD But so many trolleys and baskets of stuff had just been abandoned by the people who had just left when they got outside lol

So apparently in the end it was the leak I found that got into the electronics in the roof, shorted them out, thus automatically setting off the fire alarm. In the end there was no fire but only a potential threat to one maybe starting.
Really made the day kinda exciting though XDD;;
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