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Big Question thing

(1) Your gender: female

(2) Straight/gay/bi?: I'd say
straight but I honestly don't know cos right now I have no interest in ANY
gender XDD

(3) Single?: SINGLE AND HAPPY~~!

(4) Want to be?: Ooooh yes!!

(5) Your birthday: May 3rd

(6) Age you act: Younger than 22 XDD

(7) Age you wish you were: Probably about 10-mid teens

(8) Your height: I don't know! :D I'm short!

(9) The color of your eyes: Grey - I remember a time all
the way back in my infant class, we did a survey on the colour of people's eyes
and I was the only one in the class with Grey eyes~~~!

(10) Happy with it?: Yeah!! Not many people have Grey
eyes! :D

(11) The color of your hair: Kind of a reddy-blondy-brown,
it's been called Auburn-ish, strawberry blonde, yet I honestly don't know what
the true name of the colour is so it's reddy-blondy-brown *nods*

(12) Happy with it?: Yeah!! I was told that my hair colour
is actually what my grandmother's hair colour was, so I have never wished to dye
it as it's an intresting colour~~!

(13) Left/right/ambidextrous?: Right!

(14) Your living arrangement?: I live with my dad

(15) Your family: Mum, brother, dad, Molly the Hamster

(16) What's your job: Checkout-girl

(17) Piercings: none

(18) Tattoos?: none

(19) Obsessions?: Mostly Japanese anime XD

(20) Do you speak another language: Not really, I know a
bit of German and random Japanese words, that's it XD

(21) Have a favorite quote: "Righto!" - Seriously, I say
that all the time when I'm told to do something XD

(22) Do you have a web page?: YES!
Pokémon Digimon United (PDU) and
TigerTen Artworks

(23) Do you live in the moment?: I don't think i do @___@

(24) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: I think
mostly I am ^^ Tends to take a lot to piss me off...depending..

(25) Do you have any secrets?: I don't think i do :/

(26) Do you hate yourself?: Not really, not seriously
anyway, i go through phases of kicking myself mentally when i do something wrong
or my confidence gets the better of me, but I get over it...

(27) Do you like your handwriting?: My handwriting is a
mess XD

(28) Do you have any bad habits?: Sometimes bite my
fingernails :o

(29) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?:
"Not very exciting"

(30) What's your biggest fear?: SPIDERS!

(31) Can you sing?: I was once told I could carry a tune,
so I guess I'm not a bad singer

(32) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?:
Nah, being yourself is the best you can be

(33) Are you a loner?: Kinda...

(34) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?:
I guess I would @___@

(35) Are you a daredevil?: Oooooooh no!!

(36) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself? My

(37) Are you passive or aggressive?: I imagine passive

(38) Have you got a car?: No, cos I don't drive...

(39) If you could change one thing about yourself? I'd
have a bit more confidence

(40) There are three wells, love, beauty and creativity, which one do you
choose?: Creativity ^^

(41) How do you have sex?: HA~! ...yeah...not been down
that road yet...and the way i'm going I never will XDD

(42) Do you think you are emotionally strong?: I don't
think so

(43) Do you think life has been good so far?: Yeah,
nothing to really complain about, my life has been normal

(44) What do you like the most about your body?: Erm...my
hair and eyes?? XDD

(45) And least?: My big ass and thighs XD But at least all
the fat goes there and not anywhere else LOL

(46) Do you think you are good looking?: Not really...my
best friend said I was "cute" once though XD

(47) Are you confident?: Nope, I guess some days I'm more
confident than others but I seriously lack a lot in the confidence depeartment

(48) What is the fictional character you like most? JUUDAI!

(49) Where is it?: Yu-Gi-Oh GX

(50) Are you perceived wrongly?: I dunno O_O


(51) Smoke?: HELL NO! No one should smoke, it's horrid >>;

(52) Do drugs?: Again...HELL NO! Drugs are bad Mmmmmkay??

(53) Read the newspaper?: Yes! But only on Tuesdays when I
go around to my mums house.

(54) Pray?: I'm not religious

(55) Go to church? Again, not religious~~!

(56) Talk to strangers? I work in a supermarket, it's my
job to talk to strangers my entire shift...not that I actually talk much to
them....that's pretty much my only flaw the supervisors keep picking up on, I'm
supposed to have a conversation with these strange people I don't know @___@

(57) Sleep with stuffed animals?: I have a Pikachu that
sits on top of my pillows :3

(59) Take walks in the rain?: Me and my friend Sarah used
to do that all the time back when we were in college, it was fun ^^

(60) Talk to people that hate you : Do people hate me? O_o;

(61) Drive?: Nope~!

(62) Like to drive fast?: Since I don't drive then no


(63) Liked your voice? *shrugs* My voice is okay, I prefer
speaking in the one I use for Shou in my parodies though XD Only like, around
people I know well though X___x; I was doing it the other week when my dad and I
were going up to the dams and he told me to "Stop speaking in silly voices" XDDD

(64) Hurt yourself?: Only by acctident

(65) Been out of the country?: nope

(66) Been unfaithful?: Since I've never been in a
reletonship, noooo~~~!

(67) Been in love? nope

(68) Done drugs?: nope

(69) Gone skinny dipping?: nope

(70) Had surgery?: Once, nothing serious, I just had bad
hearing when I was a kid so they had to like, operate just to make sure the tubs
in my ears weren't blocked or something...all I remember about that time was
this spider plushie they had on the way to the operation room i think and the
stopped to let me pull on it cos it liked, dangled down XDD

(71) Ran away from home?: Nope

(72) Played strip poker: nope

(73) Gotten beaten up?: nope

(74) Been picked on?: Yes! My first 2 years at my
comprehensive school wasn't fun...

(75) Been on stage?: Yes! I played a baby Polar bear in a
play in my junior school and I still remember what I had to say: "Help us,
help us, hear our cry, if we don't find our mother we'll stave and die!"

Happy, ey? (*We found our mother by the way, in fact, i think something like
elves found her for us XDD*) Oooh and in my comprehensive school they needed
someone to read out something for the morning assembly so like the idiot I was I
told them I would XD

(76) Been so drunk that you know you're supposed to go out on a date with
someone, but you can't remember with who

or when and that you faint when you look at yourself in the mirror in the
morning, not to mention your breath?: I hate alcohol,
therefore have never been drunk =p

(77) Slept outdoors?: nope

(78) Thought about suicide?: Nope

(79) Pulled an all-nighter?: Yeah, there have been a few
times I've stayed up all night, either due to heat or thunderstorms so I
couldn't sleep

(80) If yes, what is your record? I dunno @__@

(81) Talked on the phone all night?: Nope

(82) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex?:

(83) Slept all day?: Almost! XD

(84) Killed someone?: nope

(85) Made out with a stranger?: nope

(86) Had sex with a stranger?: nope

(87) Thought you're going crazy?: yes, many times

(88) Kissed the same sex?: nope

(89) Been betrayed?: Not really I don't think, nothing
serious anyway, most of it is like, kid stuff

(90) Had a dream that came true?: I don't think so

(91) Broken the law? Just downloading MP3s is breaking the
law, so, yeah XD;; But other than that I haven't broken the law offline

(92) Met a famous person?: Face to face? Naaah, I think
the most closest claim to fame was seeing some of the cast of "Maid Marrian and
her Merry men" walk past and I was like, at the front of the crowd~~! I was so
young then. Hahaha! most famous of the lot of them was like Tony Robinson who
does this show called "Time Team" now XDD Apparently Jarvis Cocker (*lead singer
to a brit-pop band called "pulp" who haven't done anything in years*) visits my
town every so often, his mum lives somewhere near here, I think my brother saw
him once.

(93) Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: Do
insects count? XD But no I've never killed any animal by acctident

(94) Stolen anything?: Nope

(95) Been on radio/TV.?: Nope

(96) Been in a mosh-pit?: nope

(97) Had a nervous breakdown?: Not really

(98) Considered religious vocation?: Whatever that is I'm
not religious XDD

(99) Been criticized about your sexual performance?: I
have no sexual performance for people to criticize XDD

(100) Bungee jumped?: Hell no! O_O

(101) Had a dream that kept coming back?: Yeah when I was
a little kid, kept drawing about machines that ate me or fires and such

CLOTHES and other fashion

(102) Shoe brand?: Trainers ^^

(103) Brand of clothing?: Anything that i like

(104) Cologne/perfume?: blah >>;

(105) What are you normally wearing to school/work: My
work uniform...

(106) Wear hats?: I used to wear one in the winter...until
I lost it

(107) Wear make-up?: No >>; I hate make up...

(108) Favorite place to shop?: Forbidden planet :D

(109) Favorite article of clothing?: Dunno O_o;

(110) Are you trendy?: Nope XD

(111) Would you rather wear a uniform to school? Dunno, I
had to when I DID go to school


(112) Believe in life on other planets?: Yeah ^^

(113) Miracles?: I think things can happen at the right
time for someone, whether it's coincidence or not :3

(114) Astrology?: I....guess?

(115) Magic?: Most magic things are eye tricks XD

(116) God?: Not really...

(117) Satan?: Not really...

(118) Santa?: Nope

(119) Ghosts/Spirits?: Yeah I do ^^

(120) Luck?: Yeah ^^

(121) Love at first sight?: I dunno...

(122) Yin and Yang?: Dunno

(123) Witches? Yeah, witches are about, they just aren't
your stereotypical ones with the broomstick and cat ect.

(124) Easter bunny?: Nope

(125) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?

(126) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: The
rainbow disappears when you get too close >oo So now XDD

(127) Do you wish on stars?: Not really

LOVE and all that

(128) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?
Not really cos like, this section is useless to me

(129) Do you remember your first love?: I've never been in
love! HAHAHA!

(130) Still love him/her?: *See above comment*

(131) Do you consider love a mistake?: ...not sure...it
depends...it's ncie to have someone to stay with and love but some of the
couples I see these days that just argue and throw abusive language at each
other ect. ect.

(132) Do you base your judgment on looks alone: Not
really, I'd go for personality too~!

(133) Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going on a blind date:
I'd prefer knowing them really O___O

(134) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a
guy out? not really

(135) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically
unattractive?: nope

(136) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?:
Probably not XDD

(137) What is best about the opposite sex?: I haven't a

(138) What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: A
lot of the guys I've known through my life were jerks, not all though, some have
been really awesome and I got along with them well ^^

(139) What's the last present someone gave you? CJ from
Deviant Art gave me this cool and very shiny FMA necklace thing she got from
Ayacon :3

(140) Do you consider your significant other hot? I have
no other to speak of!!

(141) What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot
guy/girl standing on the sidewalk?: Ignore them and walk
on XD


(142) That haunted you?: No one as far as I know

(143) You wanted to kill?: No one

(144) That you laughed at?: No one really

(145) That laughed at you?: mom? Haven't a clue...

(146) That turned you on?: no one

(147) You went shopping with?: My mum

(148) That broke your heart?: no one

(149) To disappoint you?: no one

(150) To ask you out?: no one

(151) To make you cry?: no one

(152) To brighten up your day?: Ah pretty much anyone who
gives me a good laugh or makes me smile ^^

(153) That you thought about?: No one really @__@

(154) You saw a movie with? Me, myself and I XD Last film
i saw was the Yu-Gi-Oh movie and I went to that alone...

(155) You talked to on the phone?: My best friend I think

(156) You talked to through IM?: Stars, MetalRhynomon

(157) You saw?: My dad

(158) You were lost with?: My dad, we got lost on the way
to the dams the other week XD

(159) You thought was completely insane?: Everyone!!! XDDD

(160) You wanted to be?: No one

(161) You told off?: I told a kid at work today that he
wasn't allowed behind the checkouts, not really telling off, more like informing
the hyper 5-year-old

(162) You trusted?: Dunno O__o; Someone online?


(163) Smiled?: Today

(164) Laughed?: Today

(165) Cried?: Haven't a clue

(166) Bought something? Hummm, Thursday

(167) Were sarcastic?: I'm sarcastic often XD

(168) Hugged someone?: My mum er...sometime O_o;

(169) Talked to an ex?: I have no ex's! w00t!

(170) Watched your fave movie?: Probably a while ago...

(171) Had a nightmare?: I don't really have nightmares
anymore, not proper ones

(172) Talked on the phone?: Hummm, Friday

(173) Listened to the radio?: This morning

(174) Watched TV?: Today I watched Pokémon! (*Okay so it's
techniclly monday now, but i don't count it as the next day until I've slept

(175) Went out?: If work counts....today...

(176) Helped someone?: Today, customers constantly need
help with things XD

(177) Were mean?: I try never to me really mean

(178) Sang?: About an hour or two ago

(179) Saw a movie in a theater?: August 2004 or whenever
the yugioh movie came out XD

(180) Missed someone?: I missed Aura when she was on
holiday XDD;;

(181) Fought with a family member?: Don't really fight
with my family, disagreements year...but never like out-right arguing

(182) Fought with a friend?: My friend and I don't fight

(183) Had a serious conversation?: Haven't a clue

(184) Got drunk?: never

(185) Had sex?: never

(186) Did you enjoy this survey?: It made me stay up past
half two...damn thing... XDD


That distracted me from my Juudai icons and going to bed....er...yay?
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