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DeviantArt is being nice to me.....why? O_o;

Man my confidence was on a rollercoaster ride today XD Kinda funny, early while I was in town I was in such a horribley unconfident mood I just wanted to go home and stay away from people then while at work I actually started a converstation with a girl who always talks to me....TWICE O_o It's not like me to start a converstation *lol* The first time I actually asked her how her hand was cos on Thursday night she sliced it with this slicer thing on the Deli (*Where she works*)

Also today I got an intresting suprise from Devinant Art, just ebfore I went to work I went on it but all I got as an add saying I had been selected to have a free subscription for a week (*Obviously that's usually an account you pay for*) and the only catch is I have to fill out a questionaire afterwards, so that was quite a pleasent suprise, too bad it's only for a week but that's okay ^_^ I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it INCLUDING the search function! Whahahahaha!

Okay I'm gonna watch naruto episode 77 then go to bed....I need to try and get up before half seven in the morning if I want any chance to watch the new Pokémon episode...
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