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Soooooo...I finally DID end up sending an e-mail to lycos about the slowness of the things on my site that run on PHP and all the errors and then suddenly....they're gone....or at least the slowness is...just magically gone as soon as I sent that e-mail and I know it can't be something lycos has done cos they would have replied back to my e-mail...
...this is not the first time I've sent in a question to something somewhere and OMG! It magically appears or gets solved before my question gets dealt with making me look stupid >>;
I hate that...

New Yu-Gi-Oh seems to start next weekend, yay! :3

Today I need to make sure to finish Hinata's journal and post both hers and Mays schedules, I think I got them both worked out now @___@

But first I have to spend 4 hours at work @___@ I'm glad I have a week off at the end of this month cos it's like I'm doing nothing but being there these next few weeks...yeah...
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