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GX Dub Preview O____O;


OMG! GX Dub clip!! XDD

The best line was when someone called Chronos "Mr. Crowler" and he was all like "Did you just call me Mr.?" and he replies "Sorry I'm new here, Mrs." XDDD I'm sorry, that just cracked me up *lol* If there is one thing the dub is good for it's crappy lame jokes like that which make me laugh XDD;;
Pretty much everything else made me cringe though, it's bareable but I so won't be used to all this...I mean the dub names, the dub voices, the new BGM, the new flashy life point display thingy and yes....a few of them have accents...Misawa and "Crowler" to be exact really and no Chronos or "Dr. Crowler" doesn't seem to keep his whole Italian thing ;____;
And "Syrus" doesn't sound girly and cute he actually has a male voice. "Jaden's" voice isn't really that stand-outy to me, neither is "Chazz's" voice oh yeah and when he said "They'll learn the Chazz Princeton way" I think I actually died a bit inside O_o;

Oh yeah and what I assume is the opening song is your typical 4-kids sounding cheesy pop song...yeah >>;

Meh, I'll still watch it, if only for the crack jokes XD

Watching that kinda makes me glad I decided to collect the Japanese DVDs though (*No matter how pricy it is especially with the shipping ^^;*) Which, by the way, I've pre-ordered the 2nd Duel Box! :3
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