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Funky GX dream! YAY!

Man, today was just a day where I did NOT want to get up. I set my alarm for about 10am cos I wanted to get up early but instead I kept falling back to sleep and slept until midday O_o; Though I had this really funky short dream, it was like a GX episode or soemthing and it was right at the end. Juudai, for some reason, goews home and he's all like "I'm hooooome~~~" then he opens up the door to his room and it's been completely ransacked, just everything everywhere. He runs to the window and for some odd reason starts shouting for help out of it O_o; As he's doing that someone with what looked like to be colouring of a tiger on his body sneaks up behind him (*Hahaha, Naruto refrence I think, Mizuki changed into a tiger looking thing in the last episode I watched*)
Okay so then we skip to the Academy and it's all dark and horrid, people are panicking and they can somehow here Juudai's voice calling for help O_o; Soooo, they throw all the Yami no Items (*Except the pendent cos Juudai still has that*) into a hole and then start filling it in as Sameshima watches...

The rest of the dream was me telling people about how the episode ended on a cliffhanger and I really wanted to see the result *lol*

And YAY! I got approved for Hinata at Mugenjou~~! Just need to make her journal now :3 Talking of Naruto I'm downloading episode 149 now and hopefully I'll get episode 150 after I come back from work =p

Ooooh! And yesterday i got Vol. 2 and 3 of Pokémon Chronicles and the first episode I made sure to watch was "We're no angels"...Jesse came onto a giant Articuno statue...no seriously....she did!!
JESSE: - *Wraps arms around the statue Articuno's neck* "Well aren't you a big boy."
Yes, she seriously said that...
...I think the script writers for Chronicles are on crack! :D
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