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Ah Manjoume~! Gotta love that you are the butt of much crack! :3 (*I'll hopefully post my ramble for the last episode and this one soon, kinda forgot about last episodes ramble XDD*)

Pharaoh appears to burp up Daitokuji's soul in the next episode....darn...if Pharaoh doesn't swallow him again then there goes my "Daitokuji will control Pharaoh" idea XD;;

How come when I search for "Hinata" on Google Image search I get Hinata porn? >>; I only want screenshot refrences from the show thankyou!! >__<;;

Talking of Hinata I suddenly thought to myself "Maybe I should take up Hinata on Mugenjou" since it seems nobody has her right now and Hinata is perfect for me, I'm really really shy too so I know what it's like to not be able to speak up and to try your best on everything so you can better yourself so you aren't in everyone's way ;___;
I think I could pull her off quite well and these newest episodes should give me a better insight into her too, since I like missed most of the important episodes with her, like the Neji VS Hinata match.
After all she loves Naruto, she can follow him to Mugenjou~~~!

I'll sleep on it and see what I think in the morning, I wasn't sure about taking on another RP character cos it's like I have 5 already (*4 at the GX RP and one at Mugenjou*) though only Juudai really posts regulary on the GX RP, the others post every so often when needed to really.

Aura turned me into an RP whore, I blame her! XDDDD
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