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I can hear thunder >>; I was kinda hoping the awesome lightening I was watching outside work while waiting for my dad to pick me up was moving away not coming towards us... ah well it's not like I plan to go to bed yet, still got an hour left to get GX :3

So according to Wikipeda Misawa's voice is gonna be done by Eric Stuart (*I'm okay with this cos I love his voice and I knew someone in the main characters would get him XD I was kinda expecting Kaiser to though*) and while browsing on there it claims Daitokuji's dub name is "Banner" and Sameshima's dub name is "Sheppard" O_o; *shrugs* Guess we'll see if they are or aren't soon enough!

Today at work i had to go on the kiosk for 15 minutes and it was like the longest 15 minutes of my LIFE! >>; Togepi does NOT know cigerette brands and I just did NOT want to have to go there and sell them anyway...I have this real hatred for cigerettes and I put some people more closer to death today....wonderful... -_-;;
So yeah...I won't be training for THAT anytime soon >>; Luckily most of the time I wouldn't be able to go on the kiosk cos I'm not trained to use the lottery machine XD I could only go on today cos it was after 7pm and the lottery was closed...
...it was really quiet and boring down there too...

Thunder seems to have stopped! Hooraay!!!
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