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A little help...?

Togepi is stupid and doesn't understand the US School system!

Okay so for mugenjou_high I need to make May a class schedule, thing is some classes are for certain years only. May I labeled as 14 in the RP so she was old enough to attend high school...
...what year does that make her? ^^; Togepi has never bothered to learn all this "Freshman, Sophmore ect..." stuff cos we don't have that over here in the good old UK, in my school we were boring...it was just "Year 7, year 8, year 9..."

I realize this probably sounds like one hell of a stupid question but Google isn't giving me an answer! >o

Togepi will now go to bed like she was supposed to do an hour ago XP

*Looks* What? I don't have a Juudai mood icon for Confused? Damn, I need to add one as I'm sure I have plenty of confused looking pictures of him hahahaha~~!
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