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Ooooh, pokémon Cards! YAY!

Today I bought more Pokémon cards cos I noticed the theme decks from what I think are the newest released set were in a shop I went in today. Eeee! I have Ho-Oh and Lugia cards <333 All the cards are Johto Pokémon too! I love the Johto Pokémon! I need to scan in the Fire, Grass and Normal cards I got X3

Hummm I read online the Cybernetic Revolution comes out tomorrow here in the UK but I'm gonna have problems going out and getting some packs cos work have been messing with my hours again XD Not only am I working tomorrow through to Monday (*Which is my normal shifts for this week*) but they've also put me down to work Wednesday and Thursday of next week as well (*Which I usually have free*). So unless Woolworths get them in quick (*Which I doubt, took them weeks to finally get the Lost Millennium packs*) I'm gonna be struggling to get to Meadowhall to get some, ah well, it can wait XD I really want Shou's cards though X3

And yeah, I'm feeling a bit better today for all those who know what I'm talking about ^^;
I was just in a really bad mood last night/this morning but after being at the charity shop and stuff I've calmed down a bit now.
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