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Gosh I need to go into town today, I saw Helen after work on Thursday and she wants to do soemthing Tuesday next week so I have to tell the Charity Shop I probably won't be coming in next week... that's really all I need to go into town for besides hamster food....
...I really hope it doesn't start raining again -_-;;

I'm going to have trouble getting up for Pokémon in the mornings now it's moved to 7:30am -_-;; Blaaaaaaah....I tried to get up this morning and just slept over my radio alarm and then fell back to sleep ALMOST missing Yugioh, luckily my dad woke me up.... good thing Pokemon is repeated at 9:30am but that's no good to me on a Sunday when I have to be at work by 10..... blaaah....

Also it seems a lot of people at DA have been having Yaoi pictures deleted recently...two friends of mine had one picture deleted and just recently another person I watch had three pictures deleted. I think it might be the same person reporting them (*as one of my two friends knows who deleted hers and my other friends picture*)but meh....can't be sure on that, I couldn't even get the girl's full user name on DA and I can't do a search for her cos the search function is only for paid users -_-;; Ah well...just seems strange that DA has suddenly started deleting Yaoi pictures (*Some that aren't even that bad...*) and I defiantly think someone is reporting them cos I don't think DA personally would have the time to go through and find them....
Ah well.... some people just think it's their right to destory other people's hard work when it's something they don't like....
....those kinda people annoy me.
I have a strong urge to draw a yaoi pic now XD

Okay it's almost quater past 11, time to go downtown.... I really can't be bothered to go but I have to I guess....plus I probably need the exercise, sitting in front of the computer almost all day is not good....not good at all...
...I have work tonight too....gah...I hate it when I have to work Saturday night, Sunday morning then 8 hours on Monday O_o;
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