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Pi Pikachu~~~!

Damn...remind me NEVER to leave fanfics I'm sent and try and update with them straight away cos I can never remember what was said, if they're new, who sent them, if they're replacing an older version of the story ect. ect. >>; I got so behind with updates during my whole thing with my last computer I just put them to one side and well...yeah XD;;

Anyway onexregret I updated the gallery on my site and it now has four galleries of Pikachu pics for you :3 I'll try and get the first movie capped over this week. I have to relay on my dad's computer for caps at the moment and it's a bit annoying cos his computer is so slow XD;;

I went to the festival today but it really wasn't all that exciting, most of the stuff there was mostly for little kids XD And the rides I could go on I really couldn't cos I had my dad with me and he's boring and probably couldn't stomach the rides anyway XD;; There were a LOT of stalls where you could win GIANT plushie things and one where you could win a goldfish, but my dad won't get me have a goldfish XP Besides I don't think you get a bowl or food with it so it's really unfair to the fish if you don't have those things at home O_o;

Ooooh! They had this Helicopter you could ride in! I wanted to have a ride in the Helicopter but it was really expensive, £25 for one person to spend like 5 minutes in the air >>; I didn't have £25 on me anyway...

Not sure if we're gonna go to the firework display or not, my dad will probably still be cooking dinner by then, knowing him >>;

I only just realized that the 2nd DVD of Pokémon Chronicles was released recently, although places like amazon and Play.com don't have it in stock yet :/ Hummm, on Tuesday I'll check Woolworths to see if they have it, it's where I got the first one anyway XD;;

Damn, I be bored, maybe I'll work on my Juudai icons or cap something XD
I'm hungry too, I've only had a chocolate bar all day =p
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