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Went to the Beach!

Well my dad and I went to Cleethorpes and...it wasn't really exciting XD It was apparently dead according to my dad who remembers the place from when he was a kid. We took a walk anyway and we played on some arcades which are all like fixed these days XP I swear we could not get ONE plushie from those damn machines. I ALMOST got a plushie Patrick from Spondgebob Squarepants but the damn thing dropped it XP Not that I've ever really watched the show, I find the character designs quite amusing though XDD

I took some photos but there is nothing amazing about them XP Ah well~!

I wanted to write "Yugioh GX is Crack!" in the sand but we never even walked on the beach XD I also got a craving for icecream just before we left so I bought myself an icecream cone X333 Squeeee~~~!

Worksop Fetival is tomorrow so I'll be going to that, with or without my dad, I'm not sure if he wants to go or not =p Apparently there is a firework display tomorrow night at 9pm so I think he'll go to that.
Gonna take my camera to that but I'm not expecting any good photos, probably just to take some to show you all what it looked like ^^
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