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That's a whole lotta water!

So I spent most of this afternoon up at the dams I've been wanting to go to all summer! :D Wheee~~! And we even went to the next dam up from the Derwent one. I've never been up there and it's quite....out of the way I should put it XD There was no place to really park up there and so I had to take photos out of the car window *lol*

Also on the way home my dad drove me to a place called "Foxhouse" and showed me the valley where he and his friends went camping when they were fourteen (*And story goes is that while they were out there there was this HUGE storm and apparently they witnessed lightening bouncing off the top of the hills and down the valley*)

The weather stayed pretty decent most of the time we were there, poured it down on the way there though O_O

In total i took about 92 pictures XD Most of those were of these birds that were fluttering around some bird feeders and stuff XD Unfortunatly not many of those turned out but I had a feeling they wouldn't, Ah well~~!

I'm gonna go choose the best ones to put up on TigerTen now :3 And maybe I'll upload my favoruites to DA.
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