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Kouji used Angst attack! Dub Koji can't stop crying!

*yawns* I haven't updated in a while....nothing exciting going on really... my throat feels awful so i probably have a cold...blah and I spent the year so far free of colds and stuff...oh well, I personally think I might of caught it off claire at work cos she was croaking like a toad on Monday
and even if I didn't then I'll blame her anyway cos I don't like her LOL.

Other than that I've been doing nothing but just sitting here being bored... I'm currently carrying on my old Digimon Frontier fanfic "Digimon Insanity" so now it will include the rest of the season...right now I'm doing episode 2...yay for me...

It snowed last night...was melted by the morning....
...that sucks...

Oh yeah and thanks to some very good net friends I know have seen the first 12 episodes of the frotier dub... dub koji makes me wanna kill him cos he's evil :p but the dub overall is funny... need to watch the rest of the video now ^_^

Well...that be it...Happy New year to you all...

Which HP Bunny Will Bite You Next? by mctabby
Favorite Vegetable
you will writeTom Riddle
paired withHagrid
your fic will involvelatex
and end inexhaustion
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

I'm quite disturbed by that outcome O_o;;

Which HP Bunny Will Bite You Next? by mctabby
Favorite Vegetable
you will writeBuckbeak
paired withDumbledore
your fic will involvea broomstick
and end ina group hug
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Ooooookay that's even MORE Disturbing but *Shrugs* GROUP HUG!
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