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Togepi is having a happy day! I don't care that it's raining and cold!!

Not only did I just this morning suddenly learn that my new debit card should be able to order things off places like CDJapan (*So I wouldn't have to relay on my dad's credit card anymore*) I am ALSO now currently downloading the 6th Pokémon Movie OST, a big BIG thanks to Rubyrulez from the Pokémon Community for sending it to me *___* I'm completely in his debt!
OMG! Acoustic version of Advanced Adventure *____*

Also tis Wednesday which means GX! W000t! Can't wait for Fubuki in his Hawaiin shirt :3 Yesss, lets just ignore Manjoumes crush on Asuka, the real entertainment will be with supertourist!Fubuki XDDD

Anybody know any Hawaiin like songs/music I can download? I may need them for the parodies :3

*Pokes yousendit* Your making downloading the 4th file to the OST a bit hard you know...don't stop the download until I have it all please >o

Hummm need to go check on my pizza! :3
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