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So hobbit_hunter's "Fullmetal Duelist" comic has insipered me to once again try and make my own comic, I wanna do a GX one :3

Ideas are thin for a storyline (*It's coming together*) but I felt like I should post this idea I had for part of it!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yesss~~~! I don't care if the anime does it or doesn't, I am having a Daitokuji possesed Pharaoh cos I love the idea XD Granted the idea is that since Pharaoh is the original soul of the body it's the stronger one so Daitokuji can only take over Pharaoh's body for short periods of time plus his soul may not last forever in the cats body as pharaoh's may one day just completely take over again! Yeah it's like a "two souls struggle in one body" thing XD

I'll probably not even get very far with this at all but i wanna try....just need a storyline n stuff O_o;
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