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So today was great until about half a minute before I got to my mums house. I was walking across a small parking spot for residents of the area (*Contains garages and the like*) and before I got onto it I did notice a car backing up very slowly but looked like it was coming to a stop, in fact I think it praticlly had stopped when I started to walk across the parking bit, then the next thing I know THE CRAZY WOMAN IS BACKING STRAIGHT INTO ME! And I mean like really fast!! I looked up, saw she was heading straight for me and ran to the other side to avoid getting hit!

So did I get a "Oh sorry I didn't see you there?" from her? HA, hell no it was "WELL THAT WAS CLEVER WASN'T IT!!!11!!!!" Honestly the stupid woman wasn't looking I'm sure! >_<;;; I hate those people who just automaticlly blame the other person. That car didn't even look like it was gonna reverse into the bit I was walking across and suddenly when I'm halfway across she suddenly decides to back up really fast >_< Almost like she waited for me to do that...

That and it's con season again and that always gets me down, I so despratly want to go to one, at least ONCE, but it's just the fact that they're held so far away, in a place I've never been too where I would have to travel there and back on my own I'm just a sad unconfident person who just cannot do things like that on my own. Sure if I had taken the trains before and gone the the places they're held before I'd have no problem really but because I've never caught trains or been to these places I'd need someone to go with me just to basiclly have them there to cling onto, after all, if you get lost or catch a wrong train, it's better to be in that kind of sitiuation with someone rather than on your own. I mean being at the con itself next year would be no problem, I have a friend to meet up with and she really wants me to go at Ayacon next year...
...why can't I just be like the confident people and just say "To the hell with it" and just GO! v_v;

Now I'm going to eat cookies that my mum gave me...

EDIT: Okay, I think I just scared an 11-year-old on the Pokemon Community board...all I did was tell her where my screen name from cos she claimed Togepi's weren't evil O_o; (*My name is "Evil Togepi" on there*) Just seems strange that she PMed me and wanted to talk to me cos she was "bored" then when I told her my screename just came from parody fics I wrote she's all like "Er...gotta go"

...me thinks this week is gonna be made out of all kinds of crap -_-;;
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